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Read these two articles.  Well worth your time:

Jackie Mason Blasts Hollywood’s ‘Phony F*cks’: All Weinstein Did Was ‘Imitate Bill Clinton’
Breitbart News

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie weighs in on arguably the biggest scandal in Hollywood history that’s unfolded in the last two weeks, the Harvey Weinstein saga… but Jackie says he’s not sure what the outrage is all about, because we’ve seen this kind of thing before.

How do you get rid of Trump? An election, not the 25th Amendment.
The Independent

It appears that just as impeachment fever had started to break around the country, a 25th Amendment bug started going around. A few weeks ago, the University of Chicago’s Eric Posner argued that the “conventional understanding” of the amendment should be “enlarged” to include instances where both parties “lose confidence in the president’s ability to govern.”



The Big Switch Never Happened: The DEMOCRATS were the slave owners and the ones opposed to the 1960s civil rights movement.

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME

I have wanted to write about this issue for a long time: the big lie that the democrats are friends of the blacks and that they opposed slavery and championed the civil rights movement in congress.


We all know that PBS is notoriously left leaning. And yet I recently found this article about the history of the democrat party (I refuse to call them the DemocratIC Party):

I encouraged you to read it.

It confirms much of what I already knew:

1. Most American slave owners were democrats, not republicans.
2. Most democrats in the 1850s and 1860s opposed the abolition of slavery.
3. Democrats were still anti-black at least up until the 1960s, evidenced by the vociferous democrat opposition to the civil rights movement. That’s right–it’s the republicans who made the civil rights movement happen.
4. There was no “big switch”. The democrats of today are not the republicans of the 1860s and 1960s. No, the democrat party of today is still the same democrat party of the 19th and 20th century, just as the republicans today are the same republicans of the same time period.

Here. Read it for yourself, the same article from PBS I just mentioned:

But let’s say for argument’s sake that the democrats of today finally recognize the truth that I stated above. Many then start to argue that, “Yes, but after the 1960s, that’s when the switch happened–that’s when democrats became the true friends of the black men and women in America.”

Sorry, that is false too. There’s a very cogent argument that the inner cities like Chicago and poor areas of NYC are just another extension of the democrat plantation. No joke, the inner cities are called by many, “The modern democrat plantation.” “What?!” you cry out! How can that be? That’s preposterous.

Well, keep reading.

The democrats entire political strategy is to ensure that people do not succeed. The less people succeed, the more people need the government. The more people need the government, the more they need the democrats to ensure their government assistance remains, and in fact, increases.

Well, by ensuring that blacks do not succeed and by ensuring blacks need government welfare and by perpetuating the notion that republicans are racist, those living in the inner cities remain beholden to the democrats to provide government assistance. Suddenly the continuing dismal situation in the inner cities makes a lot more sense.

Why do democrats do so little to combat the black on black murder in Chicago? Because the democrats do not want peace, civility, and self-reliance. That doesn’t serve their political agenda. Instead, the democrats go after the few white cops who kill black men, and wholly ignore the exponentially higher black on black murder that occurs every week in Chicago.

In Chicago, black lives don’t matter, because the democrats don’t seem to care about actually helping the black population–they only care about duping the black population into believing they are helping the black population so they get the black vote. If the democrats truly wanted to help the black population, they would decry the terrible black on black violence that occurs in Chicago, encourage blacks to stop having so many children out of wedlock, and encourage them to become financial success stories.

The truth is: those in the inner cities do not need more government assistance to rely on–they need jobs that will finally liberate them from the democrat plantation.

We are told to believe that the democrats are friends of blacks, but honestly, it just doesn’t add up.

Decide for yourself:

  • The democrats were the majority of slave owners.
  • The southern democrats opposed the civil rights laws.
  • The northern democrats opposed the civil rights laws.
  • The democrats can only survive and stay relevant if they get the black vote. What better way to ensure this than to keep as many of them downtrodden and in a state of chaos and welfare as is possible?

You would think that democrats would want to secure votes by empowering people. But they don’t. Their # 1 strategy for securing votes is encouraging laziness, unemployment, and forcing voters to support them for one primary reason: government entitlement programs.

If all people in the inner cities on whom the democrats depend for votes suddenly no longer need government assistance, suddenly stop killing one another in the inner cities, and suddenly become social and financial success stories, what power do the democrats continue to have?

Answer: none!

Why has Chicago been under democrat control for decades and yet remains a cesspool of murder, crime, and lost hope?

The answer is clear. Chicago and other inner cities really ARE the New Democrat plantations.  Back in the 1860s, democrat power was fueled by oppression of the blacks.  This is why they did not want slavery to end.  In the 1960s, democrat power again relied on keeping blacks away from the white power centers.  This is why the democrats overwhelmingly opposed the civil rights movements.  And now today, democrat power still relies on keeping people from succeeding.

Bottom line: if democrats remain in control, and if those blacks who vote democrat continue to believe that the democrats are truly out to help them, the situation will never improve.

My great wish is that the world at large would recognize the Democrat Party for what it is: a party that contrary to being the champion of the American black is actually their bicentennial+ oppressor


Another “Great” Quote from the American Left: John F. Kennedy


John F. Kennedy wrote the following in his journals about his three visits to Nazi Germany: first, in 1937 (two years before World War II broke out), then again in 1939 (the year the war broke out), and finally, in 1945 (immediately after the war ended).


I went to the JFK Library and read the journal entries direct from the source, and transcribed and reproduced what I found below. The source I have discovered is cited nowhere else on the internet (even in the sources above).  During my research, I was surprised to discover that nearly every person on the internet got the quotations wrong, ignored one of the most damning quotations, changed Kennedy’s words, left out relevant parts, or tried to hide the truth by only sharing selective portions of the journal.  The primary source I cite is the JFK Library, because on this matter, there is no better source.   What follows are verbatim quotations from JFK’s journals.  For any naysayers who won’t actually visit the JFK library to verify, full screenshots of each journal entry page I cite can be found at the way bottom, showing the URL for the JFK Library in the browser window.


  1. Exhibit A:

“[I] went on to [Peacorys…???] since then, and have come to the decision that fascism is right for Germany and Italy, communism for Russia, and democracy for America & England (1937)…” – JFK, August 3, 1937 in Milan, Italy

Kennedy-FascismGood.pngAbove is the actual journal entry I found, direct from the JFK Library.  It’s hard to read, but you will see that it matches my transcription verbatim.

The media on the right have never shared this with the world because it appears most journalists have not been able to find Kennedy’s journals to see the proof firsthand, under the impression that the journals were put up for auction.  The media on the left have never shared it because if widely disseminated, it tarnishes Kennedy’s reputation greatly.  Well, I have found the primary source, deciphered his writing, and verified it all firsthand right on the JFK Library website itself.

2. But there is more that the fake news does not want you to see.  JFK’s journal entries from his own hand go on as follows:

“We then returned to Rome – and had dinner at [Galezzi’s?].  He gave me gin & a talk about the virtues of fascism and it really seemed to have its points, especially the cooperative system which seems quite an interesting step forward.” JFK, August 7, 1937 in Rome, Italy

Don’t believe me?  Scroll down a few inches.  I found that entry (photographed below verbatim) directly on the JFK Library–and one that you won’t find ANYWHERE else on the internet.  You read it first here, at the divisive truth.  Wanna read the whole page for yourself?  Scroll to the bottom of this post.  Or, go directly to the library.  Once in the diary, push the right arrow 80 times to the right to find it.  August 7th.  Feel free to follow along with my transcription above:


Interesting stuff. Looks like fascism isn’t so “right-wing” after all.

3. Here’s another JFK quotation, same source:

“All the [?] are very attractive, showing that the Nordic races certainly seem superior to the Latins.  The Germans really are too good–it makes people gang against them for protection.” – JFK, August 21, 1937 in Wortenberg/Cologne, Germany


4. Finally, in 1945, after the war was over, Kennedy want back to Germany.  This time he said:

“Anyone who has visited these places can imagine how in a few years, Hitler will emerge from the hate that now surrounds him and come to be regarded as one of the most significant figures ever to have lived.  There was something mysterious about the way he lived and died which will outlive him and continue to flourish. He was made of the stuff of legends.” JFK, 1945, Germany

I do not have access to Kennedy’s 1945 journals at this time, but EVERY one of the secondary sources above (even the notoriously left CBS, NY Daily News, and the Washington Times) acknowledge that he said these very words.


DIVISIVE TRUTH: So let me get this straight, Mr. Kennedy: the Aryans are superior to the “Latins”, i.e. Italians and Spanish? 

KENNEDY: Isn’t it evident?

DIVISIVE TRUTH: You find virtues in fascism? 

KENNEDY: Don’t you?

DIVISIVE TRUTH: The world ganged against the Germans because the world was jealous of them?

KENNEDY: Well, don’t we all wish we were Aryan?

DIVISIVE TRUTH: Okay, changing gears.  You believe that Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him?

KENNEDY: Absolutely!  It’s all a big misunderstanding.

DIVISIVE TRUTH: And within a few years? 

KENNEDY: Give or take.  People have short memories.

DIVISIVE TRUTH: But what about the holocaust? 

KENNEDY: Hey, come on, let’s not focus on the bad, okay?  By 1950, he’ll be remembered as—

DIVISIVE TRUTH: Let me guess.  A legend?

KENNEDY: Yes!  Exactly! So we do see eye to eye!

DIVISIVE TRUTH: Okkkkaaayyy Weirdo! So what are your plans now?

KENNEDY: I’m thinking of running for President of the United States one of these days.  Gonna see about putting this European experiment to work in America!  Whatcha think?


For argument’s sake, let’s consider for a moment only Kennedy’s 1937 beliefs.  In this case, maybe we can forgive his startling views.  Why?  Well, surely anyone would have changed his views on fascism and Hitler by war’s end, right?


Kennedy didn’t.  

Noperama!  Kennedy defended Hitler even in 1945.

Some people from the secondary sources cited above try to defend Kennedy, saying that Kennedy was merely writing ‘as a historian’.  Okay, let’s say he was.  In that case, he’s a very disturbed historian who failed to recognize the evil that was 1937 Hitler before the war and who also failed to recognize the evil that still was Hitler after war’s end.

While Kennedy apparently tried to distance himself from and qualify his own statements later, I personally find the backtracking suspicious.  Kennedy knew full well about the horrors of the holocaust perpetuated at the hands of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and yet… in 1945, Kennedy still chose to call Hitler a legend who will be forgiven in time.  There is no defending that–ever–particularly when taken in the context of the other three journal entries from 1937 (which all liberals refuse to discuss, because they are damning).

Bottom line: Kennedy saw the virtues of fascism.  He didn’t think Hitler was that bad a guy.  Hitler was in fact a legend apparently!  Kennedy’s political affiliation?  Let’s make it clear: a democrat.

You be the judge.


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This article series, “Another ‘Great’ Quote from the American Left” is presented by Divisive Truth founder and editor Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq.  It shares well-researched and verified quotations that you probably have not heard before from individuals of prominence on the American left.  Each quotation is meticulously researched to assure authenticity; we challenge you to find and present any evidence casting doubt on the veracity of any of the quotations shared in this series.

Oh: Please forward this blog link to anyone you know who would benefit from knowing this… divisive truth.


Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. And congress in general. 

It’s true. It’s all true. The Republicans have squandered and continue to squander their house and senate majorities. 

What a bunch of idiot law makers we have.  

For eight years, they balked and balked about Obama’s reign and the democrat congress that passed Obamacare. And now, once the Republicans regain the house, the senate, and the presidency–they disappoint. 

Why is there no leadership in congress? Why are there no uniting forces at work?

I often think that the answer is simple: there is no more Conservative party. And there is no more Republican Party.  And the same for the other side. We no longer have a two-party system: we have a splintered set of six or seven different parties. All with varying degrees of whatever.  

The result: no decisions can be made. No consensus reached. 

They all should be ashamed of themselves. A year has nearly passed. And next to nothing has been accomplished. Keep up the arguing folks!  You’re really doing a great job! Yeah!

China’s Grip Tightens. Makes me sad. 

Read this story:

It’s entitled, “Is WhatsApp Being Censored In China?”

I don’t know if it is, and it’s been a couple years since I lived there, but it wouldn’t surprise me. The number of apps, messaging services, and news reports being censored in China has been growing tremendously. 

News that any discussion or mentions of Liu Xiaobo and the darkly shrouded circumstances of his death have been wiped from all media in China too is sad. I love China, but it absolutely is a love-hate relationship because I hate that so much information is being kept from their people. 

Granted, I know the United States keeps a lot of information from its people too. And I know the United States has its share of devious politicians and machinating bureaucrats, but it’s certainly not so blatant. 

I often wonder which is worse: the Chinese government censoring everything and everyone knows it, or the Western governments hiding things from us, but without most people knowing–because of course much is kept from us. Food for thought–because in China, since everything political is censored and free speech doesn’t exist, it means no one ever really has political discussions, so no friendships are lost and rarely do tempers flare over such issues.  So there is a plus side–sort of. 

But truky, the most chilling part of that article I just posted is that apparently China is starting to blocks the VPNs themselves. And worse, is starting to censor the content of private messsages. For the first time, I learned that WeChat (which I use to communicate with all my many friends in China) is unencrypted.  Intuitively, I guess I always knew that, because I knew the Chinese government was always watching us, but I don’t think it hit me as forcefully as it did just today. They are reading all of our messages–and that’s disturbing. 

Trump Trusted More Than Press — This Is Frightening & Here’s Why.

First, here are the polls:

Now consider this: how can the media swallow this horrible truth: THE PEOPLE TRUST GOVERNMENT MORE THAN THE MEDIA. 

That has got to be a pretty big pill for the media to swallow. They should’ve trusted MORE than government. And yet… it ain’t so!

When I lived in China, all my friends there (native Chinese and expats) resoundingly agreed that the media cannot be trusted. Why? Because they knew and know that the media had a political agenda. 

What do these polls then say about the American media?  It makes it clear as glass: the American public also know that the media here also have a political agenda. And that should not be the case in a democratic republic. 

In China? Okay, fine. NOT in the United States of America. 

The media’s respect is declining on a daily basis. 

If they don’t start reporting honestly soon, they are going to lose what little credibility they have remaining. 

Some very important reading…

Take a moment and read these articles (watch this video) and learn the Divisive Truth:

1. Opinion: I’m a Democrat (and ex-CIA) but the spies plotting against Trump are out of control

2. Watch this eye opening YouTube video:

3. Trump was right on the travel-ban, here’s why: Jeffrey Lord –

4. California actually DOES have millions of illegal voters:
-Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA

Hey liberals: stop whining already.


by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, ME, LLM, EMT

All I see these post-Trump-victory days are whining journalists, crying celebrities, and general malaise among the liberals in the USA.  It’s coming to a head today, on the day of Trump’s inauguration.

I’m hearing calls for boycotts.  Demands that the judges step in and declare the election a fraud.  Heck, Rosie O’Donnell is even clamoring for martial law.  And of course, the rampant screams that Trump is a fascist or Hitler continue unabated.

It all needs to stop.

Sure, maybe it’s true that the Russians may have interfered in our election via hacking, but that doesn’t mean the election process itself was tampered with—what hurt Hillary is that the information about Hillary was damaging to her, and the people didn’t want to vote her in.  It was the information that hurt Clinton; not anything Trump did.  Sure, of course, if it can be proven that Trump’s team and Russia colluded, then in that case, there would be cause for concern.  But there is no such proof at this point, and there probably never will be.  Get over it.

Hmm, this is curious.  Why are liberals’ fears that Trump is going to be a danger to our nation any stronger than how all of us Republicans felt when Obama took office?  I was horrified that Obama won–not one, but two terms–and yet, wow, amazing: the republic still stands.  Trump is not going to destroy the nation anymore than Obama did.  The republicans had to suffer for eight years, and suddenly, now that the democrats have to suffer, they are whining and crying that it’s all unfair.  I didn’t call for a boycott of Obama.  I didn’t declare him illegitimate.  No, I accepted it.  And let me tell you: to me, these last eight years have been horrible for our country, setting us back decades.  If we were able to survive eight years of Obama, you’ll survive four (or more likely, eight) years of Trump.  Grow up, and deal with it.

Hollywood stars think they are so important and influential.  Guess what: you’re not.  If you were, Hillary would have won.  But she didn’t, and once and for all, the evidence is now irrefutable: no one cares what you think.  Nonetheless, Hollywood movie stars are still role models to millions of young children and young adults.  To that end, they have a duty to be that role model.    Maybe not an all-encompassing duty, but definitely some some sort of duty.  And Republican or Democrat (or communist!), they all have a duty to actually be that embodiment of tolerance that so many actively preach.  Tolerance doesn’t mean you accept everyone and all behavior: there can be no tolerance for cold-blooded murder.  But it does mean you learn to be civil in the face of opposing viewpoints.  The sad fact is that most of these Hollywood types proclaiming “TOLERANCE!” are the most intolerant people I know, and it run from the highest echelons of show biz down to the most grungy of improv, standup, and acting schools in New York and LA.  It’s for this reason that I have started The Hollywood Tolerance Project, a soon-to-be-launched 501(c)(3) not for profit that will find its home at  Bottom line: if you preach tolerance, you should practice it.  During the election, I lost many good friends because I was not tolerant of their views.  I realize that I was just as intolerant as the movie stars and little acting schools I am calling out today.  No one should ever feel they will be shunned in Hollywood due to their views, and the fact that so many musicians are scared to perform at Trump’s inauguration is two-fold concerning: it shows how cowardly these artists are, that they are allowing themselves to be bullied, and further, it shows how intolerant Hollywood actually is: if you say what we like, you have freedom of speech and can work in all productions; if you say what we don’t like, your 1st amendment freedoms are removed, and you will be blacklisted.  Sounds like Hollywood is run by a really great group of wonderful people, truly welcoming all races, religions, sexes, and creedos!  Wow, what a great bunch!  Not.  It needs to change, and I’m going to lead that charge through the Hollywood Tolerance Project.
This point seems to fall on deaf ears of many people: we live in a republic; a representative democracy.  Many people seem to think that we have a democracy, and that just because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, she should be president.  Have these people ever read the Federalist Papers?  There’s one about the tyranny of the majority.  That is precisely what Madison and his patriots wanted to avoid.  It seems counterintuitive: tyranny of the majority?  How can that be?  If it’s the majority, how can it be tyrannical?  Answer: population distribution.  We do not have one federal state.  We have 50 states, each with their own elected governors.  States’ right is the bedrock on which this country was formed.  Let me share something with you: we do have a popular vote system.  Whoever wins the most states, i.e. electoral votes, wins!  If we had a straight-up national popular vote, guess which two states would influence nearly every election?  New York and California.  Why should the urban population of just two states of out of 50 determine the course of our country?  Answer: it shouldn’t.  Iowa is important too.  And Florida.  And Colorado.  If we had a popular vote system, the candidates would campaign far differently.  They would focus nearly all their efforts, and all of their campaign messages on… New York and California and maybe Texas.  Who cares about Kansas, Kentucky, and Maine!   So frankly, I don’t care who got the national popular vote.  Our system of choosing presidents has worked for over two hundred years, and it’s still working.  As it is supposed to.  The electoral college system prevented the tyrannical will of New York and California from wholly dictating the results of the election.  Thanks be to the founders of our nation for creating a system that does just that, whether the candidate is Democrat or Republican.
So bottom line people: Grow up.  Move on.  Donald J. Trump is now the president of the United States.  Deal with it.

Oh, and one more thing: don’t get your hopes up.  While I can’t predict the future, I have a solid feeling he is not going to get impeached.  Sorry.


My Third Prediction: Trump will be remembered as one of our best presidents ever.

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME

So turns out I was right about Brexit and also right about the outcome of this past election.  I am now going to explain why I believe Trump is going to be remembered as one of the best Presidents we have ever had, up there with Washington and Lincoln.

  1. He’s rich.  In other words, he owes no one except the American people who voted him into office.  Can’t be bribed.  Can’t be corrupted.  He’s simply going to make America great again.  Some say his wealth keeps him out of touch with the working man.  Umm, it’s the working man who voted him into office.  Democrats turned Republican.  He has resonated more with working class America than any politician in modern times, and truly, it’s precisely BECAUSE he is rich.  No one else would have commanded the respect that he has among his voters.  He’s rich, and now he’s gonna do everything he can to help all of us make more money too.  Just watch.  You’re gonna be blown away.
  2. He doesn’t care about his reputation.  Sure, everyone cares to some extent, but the key is that he doesn’t care what the media or establishment think of him.  He was voted into office to do one thing–Make American Great Again–and he is going to do that, no matter what it takes.  I truly believe he will get more accomplished than any President in modern history, and I further believe that his first 100 days will be even more productive than Newt Gingrich’s contract with America back in the day.  Stay tuned folks: he’s gonna get things done.  And faster than anyone could ever have thought possible.
  3. He wants to streamline everything.  Enough red tape and regulations.  As many as possible are all going out the window.  It’s time to get government to work… like a successful business.  Lean.  Nimble.  Flexible.  That is what the new government is going to look like.
  4. He is politically incorrect.  Too many policies happen (or don’t happen) simple because it’s the politically correct thing to do.  No longer.  All that crap is now going out the window.  If it’s good for America, we’re doing it.  If it’s not good for America, we’re not.  Easy as that.  And he doesn’t care who he pisses off.  That sounds like a recipe for disaster, but no, rather, it’s a recipe for a new American framework that looks towards successful results (that may upset some people in the short term); not speculative policies that will do nothing to help the country (but will make some people happy in the short term).  It’s Politically Incorrect with Donald Trump… and get ready thin-skinned people, cause positive change is afoot.
  5. He is not a politician.  If Trump succeeds on the scale I believe he will, he will forever change what it means to be a politician.  In fact, if the ‘non-politician’ businessman ends up becoming one of our most successful presidents, it will forever tar and feather the esteemed reputation of the traditional ‘politician’ with great ‘experience.  If Trump does what he says he is going to do–and watch the economy soar my friends, just watch–I truly believe that no typical politician will ever again become President of this nation.  A woman, yes.  An hispanic, yes.  But it’s going to be a woman entrepreneur and a hispanic businessman.  Or at least a politician who has an extensive business background.  The truth is: a successful businessman can do two things exceedingly well: lead a big team (commander in chief of the military) and manage finances (build the American economy).  Trump is going to do both like a pro.

It will take some time to determine if this–my third prediction since starting this blog–will also ring true.  However, I think we are already starting to see the results as the Dow Jones Industrial Average has already soared to its greatest high… ever.

Here ye, Here ye: President-Elect Trump, I do dare declare, is similarly going to end up our greatest President… ever.  Don’t believe me?  Just sit back, and watch the show.  The applause at the end is going to be epic.