The Big Switch Never Happened: The DEMOCRATS were the slave owners and the ones opposed to the 1960s civil rights movement.

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME

I have wanted to write about this issue for a long time: the big lie that the democrats are friends of the blacks and that they opposed slavery and championed the civil rights movement in congress.


We all know that PBS is notoriously left leaning. And yet I recently found this article about the history of the democrat party (I refuse to call them the DemocratIC Party):

I encouraged you to read it.

It confirms much of what I already knew:

1. Most American slave owners were democrats, not republicans.
2. Most democrats in the 1850s and 1860s opposed the abolition of slavery.
3. Democrats were still anti-black at least up until the 1960s, evidenced by the vociferous democrat opposition to the civil rights movement. That’s right–it’s the republicans who made the civil rights movement happen.
4. There was no “big switch”. The democrats of today are not the republicans of the 1860s and 1960s. No, the democrat party of today is still the same democrat party of the 19th and 20th century, just as the republicans today are the same republicans of the same time period.

Here. Read it for yourself, the same article from PBS I just mentioned:

But let’s say for argument’s sake that the democrats of today finally recognize the truth that I stated above. Many then start to argue that, “Yes, but after the 1960s, that’s when the switch happened–that’s when democrats became the true friends of the black men and women in America.”

Sorry, that is false too. There’s a very cogent argument that the inner cities like Chicago and poor areas of NYC are just another extension of the democrat plantation. No joke, the inner cities are called by many, “The modern democrat plantation.” “What?!” you cry out! How can that be? That’s preposterous.

Well, keep reading.

The democrats entire political strategy is to ensure that people do not succeed. The less people succeed, the more people need the government. The more people need the government, the more they need the democrats to ensure their government assistance remains, and in fact, increases.

Well, by ensuring that blacks do not succeed and by ensuring blacks need government welfare and by perpetuating the notion that republicans are racist, those living in the inner cities remain beholden to the democrats to provide government assistance. Suddenly the continuing dismal situation in the inner cities makes a lot more sense.

Why do democrats do so little to combat the black on black murder in Chicago? Because the democrats do not want peace, civility, and self-reliance. That doesn’t serve their political agenda. Instead, the democrats go after the few white cops who kill black men, and wholly ignore the exponentially higher black on black murder that occurs every week in Chicago.

In Chicago, black lives don’t matter, because the democrats don’t seem to care about actually helping the black population–they only care about duping the black population into believing they are helping the black population so they get the black vote. If the democrats truly wanted to help the black population, they would decry the terrible black on black violence that occurs in Chicago, encourage blacks to stop having so many children out of wedlock, and encourage them to become financial success stories.

The truth is: those in the inner cities do not need more government assistance to rely on–they need jobs that will finally liberate them from the democrat plantation.

We are told to believe that the democrats are friends of blacks, but honestly, it just doesn’t add up.

Decide for yourself:

  • The democrats were the majority of slave owners.
  • The southern democrats opposed the civil rights laws.
  • The northern democrats opposed the civil rights laws.
  • The democrats can only survive and stay relevant if they get the black vote. What better way to ensure this than to keep as many of them downtrodden and in a state of chaos and welfare as is possible?

You would think that democrats would want to secure votes by empowering people. But they don’t. Their # 1 strategy for securing votes is encouraging laziness, unemployment, and forcing voters to support them for one primary reason: government entitlement programs.

If all people in the inner cities on whom the democrats depend for votes suddenly no longer need government assistance, suddenly stop killing one another in the inner cities, and suddenly become social and financial success stories, what power do the democrats continue to have?

Answer: none!

Why has Chicago been under democrat control for decades and yet remains a cesspool of murder, crime, and lost hope?

The answer is clear. Chicago and other inner cities really ARE the New Democrat plantations.  Back in the 1860s, democrat power was fueled by oppression of the blacks.  This is why they did not want slavery to end.  In the 1960s, democrat power again relied on keeping blacks away from the white power centers.  This is why the democrats overwhelmingly opposed the civil rights movements.  And now today, democrat power still relies on keeping people from succeeding.

Bottom line: if democrats remain in control, and if those blacks who vote democrat continue to believe that the democrats are truly out to help them, the situation will never improve.

My great wish is that the world at large would recognize the Democrat Party for what it is: a party that contrary to being the champion of the American black is actually their bicentennial+ oppressor