The 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Win The Presidential Election.

Contrary to all the naysayers, here are the top ten reasons why I believe Donald Trump is going to win the election (from least important to most important):

10) VOTING IS ANONYMOUS; POLLS TYPICALLY ARE NOT.  Most polling is done via telephone or in person.  Well, a new app just came out that has anonymous polling.  Trump wins in a landslide.—trump-win-election/88640044/

This one poll cannot be deemed a total game changer, but it did encourage me to ask “why”?  Why were these poll results so dramatically different?  It suddenly hit me like a thunder bolt: the poll was anonymous, unlike virtually every poll conducted by the media and regular pollsters.  And guess what else is anonymous?  VOTING.

In other words, any poll that is not anonymous should probably be suspect.  Why?  People who have their name attached to something do not speak completely freely.  We all know this from personal experience.

What does this mean?  It seems to point to the very real possibility that most people support Trump… but are afraid to say it publicly.  I think there is a silent majority, and unlike any we have seen before, and I truly believe that they are going to determine this election.

Trump is not the most amazing candidate in the history of politics by a long shot, but… neither is Hillary.  Polls continually show that they don’t trust Hillary, and Trump is undeniably in the midst of a turn-around.  For a guy who has never run for public office, he is doing incredibly well.  His message is reaching more people and his gawkiness is starting to fade: he is absolutely becoming presidential.  While the turnaround won’t be easy, it is starting, and I think it’s going to start picking up speed in the next few weeks.
There is no question that there are more damaging hacked documents to be dumped soon, and probably right before the election.  The NSA has already been hacked and the DNC has been hacked (you have been reading the news, right?) and soon, there’s more coming down the pike.  Read these articles:
The mass media, though they would like to believe they represent the common man’s belief, do not in any way represent the common man’s belief.
Why this unprecedented bias?  Simple: the mass media (which is the media of the left) just doesn’t like Trump and is so scared because they know he may win.
And yet… even the leftie media groups are now changing their tune and starting to cover negative stories about Hillary Clinton (see below).  Why?  Because they are starting to realize that their covering up of Hillary’s parade of scandals is starting to look bad and threatening to forever tarnish the reputation they spent so long building.
A friend of mine noted this fact the other day: many people call Trump racist and then say they are moving to Canada if Trump wins.  That’s curious.  Why not Mexico?  Is Mexico not good enough for them?  Too much crime?  Too much drugs?  Too many Mexicans?  Seems a little racist to immediately say Canada and not consider Mexico, does it not?
Here’s a better fact: just two weeks ago, a historically black church down south decided to dump Hillary and endorse Trump.  Go ahead and watch the CNN clip, and then watch the video from the endorsement from The Historic Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries:
I admit Trump says things that are unvarnished truth, but that doesn’t make him a racist.  He never said all mexicans are racists and murderers and it’s upsetting to me that people are so stupid or lazy as to continually misquote him.  He said that Mexico (and other Latin American countries) is sending their rapists and murderers over the border.  And guess what: they are.  How so?  By not keeping them in jail, by not policing their border, and by not making it lucrative to stay in Mexico.
I worked as a public defender in New York for two years.  At least 1/4 of my clients were illegals, and 95% were from Latin America.  Many of them have snuck over the border more than THREE TIMES.  How, I asked them.  “I just walk over the border”.  Whaaaatttt???!!!!!  Yeah, we need the wall.  No question.
Now, these clients of mine were accused of what?   Identity theft?  Not usually.  Check fraud?  Nope.  Violent crimes: murder, attempted murder, rape, armed robbery, and the list goes on.  Do you really want these people in your country?  I don’t.  Call me a racist if you want, but all I want to do is keep people who have no legal right to be in this country… out.  Same for Trump.
A large portion of crime in our country is committed by illegal hispanics.  Is that racist?  No, it’s fact.  Accept it and let’s enact the solution: keep illegals out.  It’s the law.  And voila: crime in America drops.
As for Muslims (men, women, children)?  I was in Iraq as a soldier.  Guess who was trying to kill me?  Muslim men.  Muslim women.  And even Muslim children.  The majority of terrorist acts today are committed by Muslims.  Again, is that racist?  No, it’s fact.  Accept it and let’s enact the solution: vet any Muslim coming into this country.  Is that profiling?  YES!  Yes it is!  And I embrace it fully, because it works.  And when Christians start committing inordinate amounts of terrorist acts too, profile me as much as you wish.
My honest hope for anyone who disagrees is that an illegal or a Muslim terrorist does NOT kill one of your loved ones.  As soon as it happens, you will change your tune.  Sadly, by then it will be too late.
The media continues to portray Clinton as an amazing debate performer, and Trump as a rambling buffoon, but I think the proof will be in the pudding.  Trump does press conference after press conference, while Hillary hasn’t done one in–what is it now?  256 days?  Oh, no, here’s a report from the Washington Post: 263 days!
Hillary Clinton is good at scripted and controlled environments; Trump thrives off of extemporaneous and impromptu remarks.  I truly believe he will destroy her.  Hard to believe, since the newspaper doesn’t report any bad stories about Clinton, but her scandals outshine any of Trump’s by a landslide.
For example, did you know when Bill left office, the Clintons took tens of thousands of dollars of White House furniture as their own, and then were forced to return it all:
Many continue to defend her actions, even after seeing her dishonesty with the emails and “recklessness” (Comey’s words) with classified data.  But now there’s more: Latest revelations from Washington Post & Fox make it clear that she is not going to put the country’s interests before her own:
Big problems for Hillary, from Fox News:
Millions of those who voted for Obama in order to enact Obamacare have now lost their coverage, lost their doctor, or lost their “low cost” premiums.  They, like millions of others across the country, are furious with where this country is headed and want a repeal.
From Slate:
From NPR/Harvard, via Powerline Blog:
But sorry, they don’t want socialistic change.  They want change to actually bring America back on track as the world leader its people want it to be.  On top of that, it seems clear that America is sick of politicians.  I know that I am.
Yes, America wants change, but not the change that Hillary Clinton is fighting for.  I find it hard to believe that most Americans want our country to become even more socialist, particularly since the recent failures of Obamacare show that it doesn’t work.
President Obama was an interesting experiment that didn’t work.  It’s now time for a new experiment.  Its name is Trump.
This last reason is truly the strongest.  Why?  The entire media all think he’s gonna lose. Don’t you therefore see?  This means he’s gonna win.
Why?  Becauuuuuuuuuuuuuuse… they have been wrong about him from day one.
Over a year ago, they were laughing at him, predicting he would meet his demise before the first debates.  Alas, he made it to the debates.
During the debates, they were laughing at him, predicting his demise long before the final debates.  Alas, he was the last man standing.
Before the convention, they predicted he would be supplanted by the ‘Never Trump’ campaign.  Alas, he became the nominee.
‘Gaffe’ after ‘gaffe’, they predicted he would never be able to recover.  Alas, he is still in the game, and the Clinton campaign is–despite their appearances–petrified of what the future holds.
So what do we have?  Over 14 months of TOTAL AND COMPLETE INACCURACY, and yet… they continue to make predictions.  Why are they still making predictions?  More concerning, why are the American people still believing them?  Don’t you all realize that the media has lost all its credibility?
The mainstream media continues to try to paint the picture of Trump as a born loser, but as I just pointed out: anything they predict… is wrong.
Critics of my theory state, “Yeah, but look at the polls!”  First, I don’t trust them (see # 10 above) and second, polls have only been accurate in NORMAL presidential elections.  What we have here is an election that no one from the mainstream media has been right about from the day Trump entered the arena.
Trump will win.
No, I can’t predict the future, but the telltale signs seem to make it clear that there is a very high likelihood that nothing in this election is truly as it seems.
People keep saying that Trump has lost his window to turn the tides in this election with only about 85 days left until the election.  Here’s some history: The Boston Tea party turned the tides against the British in just one day.  Normandy turned the tides in favor of the allies in but one day.  And Trump can win this election in just one day too.
As those in combat know, “Never underestimate your enemy.”  Too many are underestimating Trump, thinking he’s an idiot, when truly, you don’t turn a million dollars into billions by being an idiot, and anyone who disputes this is… an idiot who doesn’t understand money, doesn’t understand real estate, and doesn’t understand how difficult it is to do what Trump has done.
Sure, I may be proven wrong.  If so, I will sadly have to accept the fact that America is no longer what it once was; that its people are greatly uneducated and don’t know history; that its people have become lazy and expecting of socialistic handouts from the government; that honesty means nothing anymore; and that government corruption is acceptable.
I may, however, be proven right.  And particularly so if Trump wins in a landslide.  And then my faith in the human race will be restored!  Never more than now: God bless America.  Please God!  Please!
Bottom line, the future of our nation is at stake.  While I love Europe with all my heart, I don’t want the USA to be Europe.  While I love China with all my heart, I don’t want the USA to be China.  I want my country to return to its position as the beacon of hope and dreams for the world.  I don’t want the USA to become like every other country.  We are an exceptional nation.  We need to start acting like one.

The UK declares its independence: what’s next?

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, ME, LLM, EMT

I’m pleased to report that my prediction came true: the EU just lost a member and the UK is now a free and independent nation once again!  If you haven’t read what I wrote two days ago, I suggest you read that one first, about why Brexit came to be, to provide some context.  Read it here.

While most of the world is clamoring about how horrible Brexit is, and predicting that the British pound will never recover, blah blah, I continue to remind everyone that:

a) this was inevitable
b) this is good for the world
c) this is ultimately good for the UK, and
d) this is a harbinger of things to come, so if you didn’t like THIS, you may not like what comes next.

What comes next?  The UK regains its importance as world leader, side by side with the USA; a re-emergence of the pound as a world currency of great importance (being a part of the EU diminished its caché in the world); and yes, further erosion of the EU.

Granted, the UK has an easier time getting out of the EU simply because they don’t have to ‘recreate their currency’, but aside from that, there is no doubt that even countries within the eurozone are going to start having their own discussions about what is best for their unique PEOPLE, their unique LANGUAGES, their unique CULTURES, and their unique HISTORIES.  The EU just lost one of its two most powerful economies (the other, of course, being Germany, which is still a part of the EU and EMU… but for how long?).

Now, of course, there is a big difference between the UK and continental Europe.  I have, in fact, always believed that the UK has far more in common with the USA than it does with continental Europe.  The UK is an island.  The USA, while not an island, is only bordered on the northern and southern sides, and far away from all other continents to its east and west.  The UK and the USA share the same language and… in many ways, the same history too: former colonial relationship; major allies in World War II; and now, they have both declared independence from a great power.

Therefore, the EU will continue.  However, I believe its power has reached its zenith, unless the countries are willing to relinquish some political, military, and economic power in favor of a more traditional federal type of system.  As I mentioned in my earlier post however, this is highly unlikely to happen, due to the reasons of differing cultures, languages, and histories.  France has French pride in a way that New York does not have New York pride.  We New Yorkers are proud to be New Yorkers, but we are FAR more proud to be Americans, and again, therein lies the big difference.

Moving forward, the next question is: which country is going to start grumbling about the EU next?  Might it be one of the Scandinavian countries, so far north?  Might it be Germany itself, recognizing that the rest of the EU is dragging down their economy?  Or might it be one of the weaker economics of Spain, Portugal, Italy, or Greece, believing that their economic plight might actually improve if they could make their own decisions?

When the EU began, there was some merit to it, and it was a small bloc of countries.  Now, it seems every country and its cousin wants to join.  The very fact that the EU is even considering bringing Turkey into the EU is shocking.  It has nothing to do with the fact that Turkey is primarily a muslim nation.  It has to do with the fact that Turkey is not a part of Europe!  Sure, Istanbul is an amazingly beautiful city, and one that unlike any other in the world uniquely melds both the east and the west (and you NEED to go see it), but… Istanbul is but a sliver of the country.  It’s a gorgeous city on the FAR WESTERN EDGE of the country.  As soon as you leave Istanbul towards the east, you are most certainly in the middle east.  Guess what countries border Turkey to the east?  Maybe you’ve heard of them: Syria.  Iraq.  Um… Iran.  Take a look at a map.  If Turkey is admitted, what of those middle eastern countries is next?

Now, if Istanbul wanted to secede from Turkey (which is likely to never happen), that might be another story entirely, because there are indeed western influences in Istanbul that in many ways outweigh the eastern ones.  But to even consider bringing Turkey into the EU shows just how crazy things have gotten.

The original 1958 countries were: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.  Five countries.  How many members are there today?  28.  Oh, scratch that: 27 once we remove the UK.   TWENTY SEVEN.

And guess who is on deck to become a member: Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Former Macedonia, and yes, Turkey.  But that’s not all.  There’s also Bosnia and Herzegovina, plus Kosovo.  It’s a mad house of countries who want the benefit of a unified currency, but refuse to unify the politics, the military, the languages, or the cultures.  Yet they want to grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger (but in a super strange and off-kilter sort of way that makes no sense whatsoever).

Why has the EU grown so big in the last 50+ years?  Precisely because the countries don’t really have to give up much of anything.  It’s a chimera.  They think they can get something for nothing.  They want to have their cake and eat it too (which is an expression I have never understood because it is illogical.  If I have a cake, what’s wrong with me eating it, huh?  I guess the point is that after you eat it, you will no longer have it, but it’s still stupid.  And yet, I used it nonetheless, so I’m a hypocrite!)  My point is that if becoming a part of the EU required the abandoning of a national language, and abandoning certain traditions, and unifying behind the culture of EUROPE rather than the culture of your country… no one would join.  Think about that for a moment: none of these countries wants to become “European”; they want to join the “European Union”.  Therein lies a huge difference.

A better (but never going to happen) solution would be to create smaller unifications, i.e. Germany and Austria join together into one TRUE country.  France and Spain.  Italy and Switzerland.  Let’s call them Germanria; Frain; and Italiland.  Ha ha.  Sounds pretty horrible, and guess what: that’s exactly why what is happening in Europe is just ultimately unworkable on a greater scale than it already is.  There can and never will be a unification of Europe.  That is, until and unless they rally behind a single president, which again, will not happen except by some miracle.

So what does this mean?  It means the EU needs to stop accepting new members.  It needs to establish VERY strict economic guidelines and if you don’t meet them, you get kicked out.  There can be no bailouts.  It needs to start focusing on creating a European identity that is greater than the national identities.  All of this is extremely difficult… if not impossible.

There is only one certainty regarding the future of the EU: if it continues to grow simply as an economic union, with no measures to unify in other ways—while it may not be destined for failure, it will certainly never be destined for greatness.  And that’s good.  As I’ve mentioned before, the greatness of Europe is not in its unification, but rather, in the individual awesomeness of every distinct country, language, culture, and history.  THAT is Europe.  Not some arbitrary and largely fake collection of countries who claim they are unified but in fact are anything but.

When I go to Europe, I’m not going to Europe: I’m going to France.  I’m going to Germany.  I’m going to Norway.  I’m going to Spain.  I’m going to Italy.  That’s the way it’s always been, and in all great likelihood, the way it’s always going to remain.

“Brexit” is just the beginning, and I predicted this over 15 years ago.

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME, EMT

In 1997, two years before EMU (European Monetary Union), I was a Washington semester student at American University, in DC.

I was on the verge of transferring from Furman University in Greenville, SC to Franklin College, in Lugano, Switzerland (what is now Franklin University, a joint Swiss/American University).  I was an international economics major.

For my research paper during this Washington semester program, I decided to research the European Monetary Union on Maastricht’s terms and timetable.  For my research, and with the assistance of the various embassies I contacted, I met–in person–with the economic or political attachés of over ten European countries.  I recorded each 60+ minute interview and transcribed every word.  The primary question: what do you think of the EU, the EMU, and will it all work?

My survey results?  It ain’t gonna work.

And tomorrow, we have one of the most historical events in the history of the modern world: A UK referendum to determine if the entire UK will forever leave the EU.

Note that there’s a difference between the EU and the EMU.  The UK is part of the EU, but not the EMU.  What does this mean?  It means that the UK (and some other countries within Europe) are part of the POLITICAL union (the EU), but are not part of the MONETARY union (the EMU, i.e. the Eurozone).  The UK is not part of the eurozone.  If you’ve ever been to England, or read the news, you know that the British Pound is still very much a transactional currency.  You can also find the Swiss Franc (and note that Switzerland isn’t even part of the EU, but it’s citizens can work elsewhere in Europe–see, it’s so damn complicated).


I am so excited for tomorrow!!!!!!

Have you heard of Boris Johnson?  Probably not.  He’s the leading dude pushing for the UK’s exit from the EU–the European Union.  He has an interesting way of framing the issue, using history as an example:

“Napoleon, Hitler, various other people tried this out, and it ends tragically.  The EU is an attempt to do this [unify Europe] by different methods.  But fundamentally what is lacking is the eternal problem, which is that there is no underlying loyalty to the idea of Europe.  There is no single authority that anybody respects or understands.  That is causing this massive democratic void.”

I agree with Boris Johnson, and I knew this was the case back in 1997!


Europe is not the United States.  I remember so many people back in 1997 arguing that the reason for the EU was to follow the example of the United States.

But (and it’s a huge “but”), the individual countries of Europe are the exact opposite of the individual states here in the USA.  You see, the big issues that I knew Europe would NEVER overcome are fourfold:
a) the differing languages (over 20)–the USA had one, and maybe a few second languages
b) the differing cultures (and each FAR more different than we have here in the different states)
c) the differing histories (while some may argue our states have different histories, their histories are in no way as colorful as the varied histories of the different European states)
d) the lack of unity (unlike Europe, we have forever been unified by our hatred for the Crown and that’s what we find in our declaration and in our constitution; Europe is unified by… nothing.  Atheism maybe, haha).

While I was a student at Franklin College in Switzerland, I often debated these issues with my professors and fellow students.  Most of the Europeans argued that none of this mattered.  And yet, then, as now, whenever I meet a European tourist in New York City, and ask, “Where are you from?”, what is the first answer?

Is it Europe?  Nope.

Their first answer, with a huge smile on their face, and a twinkle in their eyes, is–ta da–THEIR COUNTRY.

Never (not once in over 17 years, and note too that I’m a licensed NYC tour guide) has even one of these tourists said, “I’m European” or “I’m from Europe”.


Because “Europe” doesn’t exist.  It’s a geographical descriptor: there is no unifying language, culture, history, or beliefs.  To this very day, Germans are Germans, Italians are Italians, Norwegians are Norwegians, and French are French.  And none of them would consider themselves “Europeans” first.  Never.  Never.  I’ll say it again: Never.

And why?

Because each of these country’s citizens is proud (and rightly so) of their language, culture, heritage, history, and beliefs.  Let’s leave the holocaust and the Nazis out of this for a moment.  Actually, let’s not: many Germans like the EU.  Why?  It’s a check and balance on what happened under Hitler and the 3rd Reich.  But hey, it’s been more than 70 years since then, and Germans too (just like the Japanese in Asia) are itching to regain control of their countries.  I don’t blame them.

Here’s the bottom line: Yes, my belief is that tomorrow, the UK will no longer be a part of the EU.  I believe that that tomorrow will mark the beginning of the further disintegration of the EU, with a return to individual sovereignty.  Heck, it’s already begun with the near disintegration of the Schengen zone: the passport free zone created by the EU.  Well, since the Syrian and Iraqi crisis of refugee overrun, those borders have gone BACK UP.  The Europe today looks in so many ways like the Europe of not only 17 years ago, but 700 years ago.  It’s a mess.

Back in 1997, I knew (as did most of the embassy attachés with whom I spoke) that only if the Europeans were willing to unify under one true federal banner (like the United States did) would there ever be a lasting success in Europe.  That was never the case because Europeans were and are (and rightly so) too proud of their national heritage.  So there exists a strange quasi political banner waving in Brussels (the head of the EU) that really has no power whatsoever over the different countries.  It’s like another United Nations, where everyone assembles to complain and protest, but nothing ever gets done.

However–and this is the key: by refusing to unifying under one military; by refusing to unify under one president; and ultimately, by the sheer variety of languages, cultures, and histories… true European unity is likely to never ever happen.

But what about China?

China’s a whole different story.  Many say, “But look at China: they have over 100 different Chinese languages and so many varied cultural traditions, and yet, they have come together successfully!”  Wrong: China has one ‘president’.  China teaches all students in school one language (Mandarin).  China has one solitary and unified foreign policy.  And one single military.  And one set of laws.  And therein lies the big difference.

So yeah, I think tomorrow is the day continental Europe bids farewell to the EU.  If I’m wrong (and it’s possible, because the polls have been fluctuating around 50 % for / 50% against for weeks), it doesn’t mean I’m wrong: the very fact that this referendum has come this far shows that the EU is in biiiiig trouble.

Do you realize how absolutely wild tomorrow’s referendum is?  Consider an American simile: it would sort of be like if the citizens of my state of New York joined together to vote on whether to leave the United States and return to their colonial state, albeit without British rule.  Granted, it’s not an exact match, but I’m just trying to help you understand the seriousness of what is about to happen tomorrow.  IT IS HUGE.  The UK may soon be totally and completely separate from the EU!  Her Majesty’s Navy may soon be simply that!  HER MAJESTY’S!  

Mark my words: if the UK leaves, I guarantee before the year is over, there will be other referendums in the works.  And if the UK stays, it will be by the slimmest of margins, and I guarantee it won’t be the last country to vote whether the EU is worth the hassle.

Up above, I quoted Boris Johnson, and his comparison of what is happening to Napoleon and Hitler.  Don’t misunderstand: he’s not talking about world domination.  He’s simply noting that both Napolean and Hitler tried to unite Europe and great a European superstate.  They both failed.  The EU is round three.  Maybe round four, since the Roman Empire tried to do the same thing.

But what happens when an empire grows too big?  It collapses, because it can’t control the outskirt towns and villages.  It just becomes too unwieldy.

Many argue that the USA is on the brink of following in the footsteps of the Roman Empire.  I agree it’s possible: the reach of the federal government has grown so much farther than the founders ever intended thanks to the damn interstate commerce clause: I blame the commerce clause for the downfall of states’ rights and the rise of the federal superstate that we now have in America.  Yeah, you heard me commerce clause: SCREW YOU!

In fact, if the UK leaves the EU, I wouldn’t be surprised if it rekindles the states’ right movement here in the US.  If the UK can kick out their big brother EU, then so can we back here in the US.  We can learn a lot from our former colonizers, just as it seems they have learned from the 1776 lesson we gave them: FIGHT BACK AND DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE.

So on Thursday, June 23, 2016, WATCH THE NEWS.  It’s one of the world’s most exciting events in a really long time, and the result will shape the political face of the planet for years to come.

And don’t listen to the naysayers.  The UK’s leaving the EU will not destroy the British economy, or the world economy.  It might shake it up a bit for a while, but the world will stabilize once it realizes that a strong and independent UK is perhaps exactly what this world needs right now.  We need a strong and independent ally to help us destroy radical islamic terrorism.  Right now, it’s the wild west, and no one is willing to do anything about it.

And don’t worry: the EU was forever doomed to fail.  It may not happen today, or tomorrow, but I believe its zenith has come and gone.  Truly, I look SO forward to the return of independent countries in Europe.  The euro destroyed so much of Europe’s charm: traveling around with money from six different countries in your pocket.  Many called it cumbersome; I called it… adventure.

Oh, since we’re on the subject of independence, on the 24th (Friday) go check out Independence Day 2 in theaters!  I’m so excited!  (though I’m not looking forward to the Hillary Clinton doppelganger who looks and sounds just like her as president.  Clearly, the director and producer are making a statement that Hillary can take on aliens.  Let’s be honest: she can’t even take on terrorists; there’s no way I’d trust her trying to take on aliens.  As usual, she’d try the failed diplomatic approach and we’d all end up dead.  Just like with terrorists, Hillary thinks they are here to be our friend.  THEY ARE NOT HILLARY!  THEY ARE EVIL ALIENS AND THEY WANT TO KILL US!  DIDN’T YOU WATCH THE FIRST INDEPENDENCE DAY!  ALIENS ARE NOT OUR FRIEND!

How did we go from the economics of Brexit to talking about Hillary Clinton taking on aliens?  I have no idea.  I think I’m going to stop typing now.


Why Trump Ain’t Hitler.

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME, EMT

Okay, I’m tired of hearing people comparing Trump to Hitler.  Let me put this argument to rest, once and for all.  And for the record, although I’m Christian, my dad is a stingy Jewish WWII vet, I had a ‘sort-of’ Barmitzvah, and I love shopping at B&H in Manhattan for all my filmmaking needs thanks to the entrepreneurial prowess of the local Hasidics who created the go-to destination for filmmakers.  With that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

FIRST:  Let’s start with the silly basics: Hitler was Austrian; Trump is American.  Totally different nationalities.  Bet those calling Trump Hitler didn’t know Hitler was Austrian, did they?  Yup, raised in Vienna too.  And this is basic history about Hitler.  SOURCE:

SECOND:  Hitler wanted to banish all Jews by eliminating them; Trump wants to restrict the immigration of Muslims until they have been vetted to ensure they do not have malicious intentions against our countrymen.  Big difference.  HUGE difference.  While it can be argued that it was not Hitler’s initial intention to actually murder the Jews in the concentration camps, using this argument as a parallel with Trump is flawed.  First, Hitler was irrefutably anti-Jew.  He hated them all and felt they were inferior.  Trump, however is not anti-Muslim and does not feel Muslims are inferior: Trump is merely anti radicalized Muslim, as I am, and as any sane American should be.  There is a big difference between “all Muslims”, and “those Muslims trying to kill us”.  Trump wants to prevent the latter group from killing our families, and that may require some investigation.  Hitler wanted to ensure all Jews were gone.  ALL Jews.  See the difference?  SOURCE:

THIRD:  But Trump said, “DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS!”  Actually, Trump never said any such thing.  Here is the exact transcript from what he said in September of 2015:

A Trump supporter said, “We have a problem in this country, it’s called Muslims. We know our current president is one. You know, he’s not even an American. Birth certificate, man.” At that point, Trump said “Right.”  The man added: “We have training camps … where they want to kill us. That’s my question: When can we get rid of them?

“Trump’s response?


“We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things. You know, a lot of people are saying that, and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. We’re going to look at that and plenty of other things,” Trump responded.

He NEVER said he was going to get rid of the Muslims.  Never.  He merely responded to the multi-part question that preceded it.  Look at the question.  “When can we get rid of them?”  Many news pundits used that word “them” to prove that Trump wants to deport all Muslims.  But look at the statement preceding it: the man asking the question is talking about the training camps, according to Trump’s answer.  When can we get rid of them?  Trump clearly thought the guy talking wanted to know when we could get rid of the training camps, not all the Muslims.  And heck, maybe that’s what the guy asking the questions meant too.

I challenge anyone to find a video of Trump saying, “We’re going to deport all the Muslims.” It was never said.  Case closed.

Need more proof?  As recently as March 2016, major news outlets have been forced to retract their stories stating that Trump stated all Muslims would be deported.  Here’s one from Bloomberg:

Does Trump want to deport a lot of Muslims?  Yes, he does, and rightly so.  Nearly every group attempting to kill us via terrorism in the last ten years has been Muslim.  Ask any apologist to find any other religions conducting terror on the scale of Muslims and they can’t.  Or they cite lame wikipedia articles about The Lord’s Resistance Army trying to show Christian terrorism when even a quick read of the article states that the USA doesn’t even consider this group a terrorist group anymore.  Why?  Think about it.

Bottom line: Trump wanting to deport all the Muslims who are affiliated with terror groups does not make him Hitler; it makes him the only man currently running for president who I trust defending this country.

FOURTH: “But wait!  Trump DOES want to deport all the Mexicans!”, they cry.  “He IS like Hitler!”  Actually, no.  See, I’m a lawyer.  In law school, my job was to analyze and interpret case law so that in court, I could best represent my clients.  As a public defender, I did represent some truly terrible people who most clearly broke the law.  And I defended them, yes.  But you see, I never defended them for what they did.  I never defended their breaking the law.  I merely defended their rights and ensured justice was served in accordance with the laws as they currently stood.  If creatively interpreting the law and arguing the facts in interpretative ways allowed me to get my client a decreased sentence, I did so.  Was that immoral?  No, I was doing my job.

My job as a defense attorney was to exploit the system for my client’s benefit–and that is all within the law.  If the state could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my client did what they claim he did: sorry, not guilty.  That’s the system we have, and I represented my client to the utmost within those parameters, and I promise that you would wish that I would do the same for you if you were accused of a heinous crime as well.

In most cases, though, guess what: my arguments fell on deaf ears.  The facts were the facts and the best I could do was negotiate a plea.  The vast majority of my clients ended up with plea bargains and reduced sentences, but here’s the key: THEY WERE STILL DEEMED GUILTY BY PLEA BARGAIN.  They admitted their guilt, and why?  They were guilty, and the evidence–DNA, prints, video, witnesses–more often than not proved it and they knew that a plea of a lesser conviction would be safer than going to trial and going to prison for years, or worse, decades.

My point: The Mexicans (and Guatemalans, Ecuadorians, etc.) coming over here and staying here illegally… ARE GUILTY.  They have no case whatsoever.  They can’t claim refugee status because South America, while a mess, is not THAT big of a mess.  Unless you can prove that the government is targeting you specifically, or that you in particular are in grave threat of danger, you can’t claim refugee status.  The vast majority are here illegally with no defense whatsoever to stand on.  THEY BROKE THE LAW.  I don’t care if you’re a ‘birther baby’ and your parents are here illegally: sorry, the law is the law, and the law allows those BORN HERE to be citizens; not the parents.  So sorry parents.  It may seem ‘cruel’, but I argue that what’s cruel is this birther law that allows these families to get into this mess in the first place.  Either the entire family becomes citizens (which I don’t support) or no one becomes a citizen (which is a far more rational and logical law).  But hey, the law right now is the law, so I’m sorry: if you came to America to have your baby and you (parents) stay here illegally: shame on you parents!

I will write far more about this illegal immigration situation soon, but for now, we’re just talking about Trump: wanting to deport these illegal immigrants is not racist; it’s being presidential.  That’s the job of the president: to enforce the laws.  Congress makes them.  The Supreme Court interprets them.  The President ensures they are executed.   So until the law changes, Trump would merely be doing what every president since the beginning of this country should have been doing: KICKING OUT THOSE WHO LEGALLY DO NOT BELONG HERE.

I have so many foreign friends who spent years navigating the difficult process of getting a green card and becoming an American… the legal way.  When I moved to Europe, I went (and stayed there) the legal way.  When I moved to China, I went (and stayed there) the legal way.  To me, every illegal is a slap in the face to those who worked their asses off to get here the responsible and honest way.   A friend of mine (who decided no longer to be my friend) lambasted me when I said this to her.  She said, “You are so privileged to grow up in the USA!  You have no idea what it’s like in the rest of the world.”  First, I do, having lived, worked, or traveled in some really rotten places in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.  Second, THAT IS NO EXCUSE!  Just because I’m having trouble paying my rent, that’s not an excuse to break the law and steal.  Just because I’m having a rough time, that’s no excuse to break a perfectly justifiable and good law (immigration law).  Anyone who argues that breaking the law to illegally enter and/or stay in a country has got serious moral problems.  It’s not that I’m lacking compassion, it’s that everyone else lacks common sense.

The best solution to the immigration problem?–I’ll save that for later, but let it be clear that Donald Trump is not racist simply because he wants to enforce an extremely logical immigration law designed to keep us safe and ensure jobs for those here legally.

FIFTH: “Yeah, but Trump hates women,” they cry, so he’s like Hitler.  “He hates so much!”  How so?  Because he criticizes Rosie O’Donnell?  Because he hates Hillary Clinton?  Because he believes a baby inside a woman’s body is a person?  Because he believes that Hillary Clinton should have disavowed her husband after the way he treated her?

Try as you may, sorry, none of these action or statements make him a woman hater.  Trump has raised some truly well behaved and polite children.  Have you ever heard of Ivanka or Tiffany bad mouthing him?  Why would that amazing woman Melania marry him if he’s such a jerk?  Why haven’t his ex-wives come out saying horrible things about him?  Answer: he’s not anti-woman.

“Yeah, but he went on all these dates with women when he was younger!”  All I can say is, so?  Is going on dates with many woman a clear indication that he hates woman?  Um, to me, seems like he likes women. ;D

LOOK: I can go on and on.  Trump is not Hitler, and to even suggest such is an insult to the millions of Jews who died in concentration camps all around Europe.  Trump is not Hitler, and even if he were, our amazing country would prevent anything like that ever happening again.  God bless our Founding Fathers and the separation of powers: there is virtually no way to imagine how Trump could in any way institute anything on the scale and horror of what Hitler did, even if he wanted to (and he doesn’t).  Congress would never in a million years approve any such crazy measure of mass executions.

So rest assured, Trump is not Hitler, and his presidency would not be the 4th Reich.  Keine Sorge, Mein Freund, Keine Sorge.  😀

Welcome to the Truth. The Divisive Truth.

My name is Monroe Mann and I used to have a Facebook Account.

Used to?

Yeah, I deleted it–and all of my 3000 ‘friends’ (who were not really my friends anyway)–irrevocably.  I didn’t deactivate: I DELETED IT.  It’s gone.


Well, I used to live in China.  As much as I love China, and 虽然我觉得中国真是非常棒,I moved back home in 2015 because I was tired of the pollution, and also the political censorship, in Shanghai (and in the rest of the country).  Those weren’t the only two reasons, but they were in the top five.

Well, I returned home to the USA only to discover that Facebook is doing… the exact same thing.  Sure, it’s a private company, but given its size and breadth now as a virtual nation-state, it has a responsibility to be a bit more than a ‘private company’.

Twice in the last six months, Facebook censored what I wrote, removed the post, removed all the comments, removed all the likes, and then went so far as to block me from posting for 24 hours, and prohibit me from even using the messaging feature to write and reply to those with whom I had already been in contact.  Real cool Facebook: removing a post is one thing.  Gagging me from speaking further is just preposterous.

The first time it happened, I coughed it up to a one time occurrence.  When it happened again last week, I realized I did not want the benefit of their stupid service if it meant having to watch what I have to stay.

What did I write?

Here’s the post: “Poor Brussels.  Again.  Sorry people: this is why the world is really getting pissed off at Muslims.  Trump is right: Muslims and mosques need to be watched.  The Muslim world needs to start taking responsibility.  And yes, we need to destroy the families of ISIS–including their wives and children, because they are ALL involved.  I’m not racist: I’m being realistic.  And I am very very angry.”

It’s honestly nothing whatsoever for anyone to get upset about.  The truth is: ISIS absolutely undeniably is training women and children to kill Westerners–haven’t seen the videos, have you?  When I was serving in Iraq with the US Army, women and children were trying to kill us there too.

Look, I’m sorry that it’s offensive to some, but it shouldn’t be. Why?  Because it’s simply… the truth.  The divisive truth, yes, but that’s not because what I wrote was factually incorrect; it’s divisive simply because it was politically incorrect.

The world needs to wake up about a lot of things, and most pressingly these days, the threat from radical Islam.   In a future post, I (and I hope other writers who want to jump aboard) am going to start going even deeper, helping to show you that it’s not ‘radical Islam’ that’s the problem, but rather, Islam itself.  Again, politically incorrect, but only because it’s the… divisive truth.  If you don’t yet believe me, just keep returning to this blog and you’ll soon learn why even Winston Churchill was extremely wary of the religion.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like Muslims.  On the contrary, I have many friends of that religion, and many who are still in fact living in Iraq with whom I worked while training the Iraqi Army.  What I’m writing here is not a blanket statement meant to persecute all Muslims.  That’s the furthest thing from what I’m saying.

So what am I saying?

I’m saying that we need to destroy ISIS and any other Islamic group that is plotting to kill us.  Men.  Women.  Children.  This is war, and they are ALL combatants.  And unless we act first and destroy them–just as we did the Nazis, and just as we did in Japan with the H-bomb–they are going to destroy us.

I constantly hear peacenicks chatting away, “We can’t solve violence with violence!”  These people clearly have either historical amnesia, factual denial, or are just unwittingly ignorant, because throughout history, when dealing with psychopaths, the only way to stop them precisely IS violence.

If we didn’t use violence, all of Asia would be speaking Japanese right now, and all of the Western world would be speaking German.  Enough said.

This online journal is absolutely conservative.  In it, I will help to debunk the myth of global warming, peaceful Islam, the virtues of high taxes, abortion, and the list goes on.  Why?  Because I’m absolutely sick of the liberal media.  If you can’t change them… compete with them.  And so here we are.

Thanks for reading.  Check back often.  And please tell your friends about this website:

And let’s hope WordPress is a little bit more ‘Free Speech’ than Facebook. 🙂

–Monroe Mann