The Big Switch Never Happened: The DEMOCRATS were the slave owners and the ones opposed to the 1960s civil rights movement.

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME

I have wanted to write about this issue for a long time: the big lie that the democrats are friends of the blacks and that they opposed slavery and championed the civil rights movement in congress.


We all know that PBS is notoriously left leaning. And yet I recently found this article about the history of the democrat party (I refuse to call them the DemocratIC Party):

I encouraged you to read it.

It confirms much of what I already knew:

1. Most American slave owners were democrats, not republicans.
2. Most democrats in the 1850s and 1860s opposed the abolition of slavery.
3. Democrats were still anti-black at least up until the 1960s, evidenced by the vociferous democrat opposition to the civil rights movement. That’s right–it’s the republicans who made the civil rights movement happen.
4. There was no “big switch”. The democrats of today are not the republicans of the 1860s and 1960s. No, the democrat party of today is still the same democrat party of the 19th and 20th century, just as the republicans today are the same republicans of the same time period.

Here. Read it for yourself, the same article from PBS I just mentioned:

But let’s say for argument’s sake that the democrats of today finally recognize the truth that I stated above. Many then start to argue that, “Yes, but after the 1960s, that’s when the switch happened–that’s when democrats became the true friends of the black men and women in America.”

Sorry, that is false too. There’s a very cogent argument that the inner cities like Chicago and poor areas of NYC are just another extension of the democrat plantation. No joke, the inner cities are called by many, “The modern democrat plantation.” “What?!” you cry out! How can that be? That’s preposterous.

Well, keep reading.

The democrats entire political strategy is to ensure that people do not succeed. The less people succeed, the more people need the government. The more people need the government, the more they need the democrats to ensure their government assistance remains, and in fact, increases.

Well, by ensuring that blacks do not succeed and by ensuring blacks need government welfare and by perpetuating the notion that republicans are racist, those living in the inner cities remain beholden to the democrats to provide government assistance. Suddenly the continuing dismal situation in the inner cities makes a lot more sense.

Why do democrats do so little to combat the black on black murder in Chicago? Because the democrats do not want peace, civility, and self-reliance. That doesn’t serve their political agenda. Instead, the democrats go after the few white cops who kill black men, and wholly ignore the exponentially higher black on black murder that occurs every week in Chicago.

In Chicago, black lives don’t matter, because the democrats don’t seem to care about actually helping the black population–they only care about duping the black population into believing they are helping the black population so they get the black vote. If the democrats truly wanted to help the black population, they would decry the terrible black on black violence that occurs in Chicago, encourage blacks to stop having so many children out of wedlock, and encourage them to become financial success stories.

The truth is: those in the inner cities do not need more government assistance to rely on–they need jobs that will finally liberate them from the democrat plantation.

We are told to believe that the democrats are friends of blacks, but honestly, it just doesn’t add up.

Decide for yourself:

  • The democrats were the majority of slave owners.
  • The southern democrats opposed the civil rights laws.
  • The northern democrats opposed the civil rights laws.
  • The democrats can only survive and stay relevant if they get the black vote. What better way to ensure this than to keep as many of them downtrodden and in a state of chaos and welfare as is possible?

You would think that democrats would want to secure votes by empowering people. But they don’t. Their # 1 strategy for securing votes is encouraging laziness, unemployment, and forcing voters to support them for one primary reason: government entitlement programs.

If all people in the inner cities on whom the democrats depend for votes suddenly no longer need government assistance, suddenly stop killing one another in the inner cities, and suddenly become social and financial success stories, what power do the democrats continue to have?

Answer: none!

Why has Chicago been under democrat control for decades and yet remains a cesspool of murder, crime, and lost hope?

The answer is clear. Chicago and other inner cities really ARE the New Democrat plantations.  Back in the 1860s, democrat power was fueled by oppression of the blacks.  This is why they did not want slavery to end.  In the 1960s, democrat power again relied on keeping blacks away from the white power centers.  This is why the democrats overwhelmingly opposed the civil rights movements.  And now today, democrat power still relies on keeping people from succeeding.

Bottom line: if democrats remain in control, and if those blacks who vote democrat continue to believe that the democrats are truly out to help them, the situation will never improve.

My great wish is that the world at large would recognize the Democrat Party for what it is: a party that contrary to being the champion of the American black is actually their bicentennial+ oppressor


Please don’t be scared of President Trump: here’s my olive branch.

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME

Yes, I voted for Trump.

But today I write this as an American.  Specifically, as an American who knows the pain that half of America is feeling right now.  And as an American who wants to help build across the divide.

I wrote a text to some Hillary supporter friends of mine earlier.  Letting them know I still loved them, and that I was grateful for their friendship.  One was surprised that I wasn’t gloating that Trump had won, because all of his friends on Facebook were shoving it in his face.

This is what I wrote in response: “It’s funny you mention that.  Being off Facebook and Twitter [I deleted my accounts last year] has made me a better man.  It forces me to think more before making jerk reactions (Trump will need to learn that too, and I think his victory speech showed that he is becoming a better man too).  But I thought about gloating.  I really did.  But I realized that Hillary’s supporters are hurting and crying so much.  So painful.  I don’t want to add to that.  Their pain alone is already too much to bear.  And they are so scared that Trump is going to destroy this country and their way of life.  I want to be part of the solution and not the problem.  I reached out and offered my condolences and friendship to those I knew might be feeling pretty low, as I did to you.  I want everyone to give him a chance.  The best way to do that is to be restrained, polite, and empathetic.  Because I know that I would like your support and friendship if Trump had lost.  And he could have.  Up to the 11th hour.  I wouldn’t want to be kicked while I was down.  Maybe ten years ago, I would not have acted this way.  But today, it’s the type of person I tried to be.  We are all Americans.  Democrat and Republican and Independent.”

So today, I want to share three reasons why I believe you should give President-Elect Trump a chance.  I offer these as a measure of true friendship, from one countryman to another, with no agenda whatsoever.  And as sincerely as I possibly can.

  1. Please click this link:   This is a link to his campaign website’s exhaustive list of every policy he intends to implement.  Please, before you spend another day crying, first go here.  Read the truth about the policies he intends to implement–many may pleasantly surprise you.  You may not agree with all of them, but I have a feeling you will be less scared about what the future holds.  Moving forward knowing the FACTS of what he stands for, rather than speculation, will do a lot to calm your nerves  Do not read the newspapers.  Do not watch Fox News or CNN or MSNBC.  Just click that link above and read the facts from the official website.
  2. Please remember that I (and many other conservative Americans) lost in 2008, and again in 2012.  When Barack Obama was elected the first time, we thought our country was doomed.  When he was elected a second time, we despaired more than ever before.  Barack Obama to us was what Donald Trump is to you: SCARY AND UNFATHOMABLE. (I am merely talking about policies).  And yet, 8 years later… the country is still here.  Republicans are still here.  Democrats are still here.  And you are still here.  It sucks.  I know.  And words mean little right now.  But I want you to know that you will survice, and more importantly, America will survive.  Trump is going to build on what Obama started, and continue to fix America’s healthcare system.  Trump is going to build up our military and destroy ISIS to make our nation safer.  And yes, maybe he will deport some people who are here illegally, and yes, maybe he will build a wall, but he has repeatedly said that if these individuals are non-violent, and agree to promote American values, they can return… legally… through our immigration system.  Sure, some of these things may not be politically appealing to you, but I assure you, he will not destroy the world or cause WWIII.  As I have said to many people, you may think he’s crazy, but if so, then so do our enemies.  And we all know how we act around these types of peopoe: YOU DON’T PROVOKE A CRAZY PERSON.  Do you?  I don’t believe he is crazy, but let’s say he is.  If so, he is probably the safest person to have the nuclear codes because the rest of the world has no idea what he will do if they provoke him… so they won’t.  In some ways I jest, but overall, I’m telling the truth.   Mark my words: Just as I survived 8 years under Obama, you too will survive a mere 4 years under Trump.  And if he doesn’t do a good job, that’s why we have elections.  Don’t be angry at this result; instead, start preparing NOW for Election 2020.  Take your frustration and anger… and channel it into productivity towards the next election.  Because the race has already started.  And you do your party no good if you continue to mope around complaining.  What’s done is done.  He is Mr. President.  But if you work hard, you can put up a fight in 2020 and perhaps be consoling me!

  3. Be inspired.   Be inspired by all of the candidates.  I am totally serious.  Keep reading.I was inspired by Hillary Clinton tonight, as she graciously conceded while at the same time, motivated and inspired young women to realize how far she had come, and how far they can go.  We are going to have a female president in the near future, and why?  Because Hillary Clinton has paved the way.  This defeat for Clinton tonight was–to her–I can only imagine–DEBILITATING.  She has spent the last 30 years of her life working towards this.  And it turned at the 11th hour.  And yet, she gave the most amazing speech of her career.  A speech that showed me how to handle myself publicly when faced with a horrible upset of great magnitude.

    I was also inspired by Barack Obama, who shared the story in his speech of his transition into power in 2008, when George W. Bush graciously shook his hand, and showed him the ropes.  Obama went on to offer (and indeed demand of his staff) the same honorable treatment of Trump, once he begins the transition tomorrow.  Thanks to Obama, Trump has been provided legitimacy from day one.  I have learned from Obama that no matter the disappointment, and no matter the disagreements, there are some things greater than personal bones of contention.  In this case: the peaceful and legitimate transfer of power.  If Obama wanted, he could have made things very difficult and awkward for Trump.  But for the nation, he chose to take the upper hand, and I applaud him for it.  Not coincidentally, I too believe this was one of Obama’s best speeches.

    Not to be outdone, I was greatly inspired by Bernie Sanders, who proved to us all that passion, SINCERITY, and a plan can take you so far in life.  I know how much he cares for Americans, for America, and for the agenda he fought so hard for.  His sincerity won over the American people.  And I hate to admit it, but won me over too.  I would never have voted for him, but I respect the man tremendously.  Hats off to you Mr. Sanders.

    And I am inspired by Donald Trump (and all of America should be too).  Why?  Because he showed us that no matter what people say, no matter how bad the reviews, no matter who is turned against you, no matter how much the ridicule, and no matter WHAT the odds… you can still win.  No.  Matter.  What.  I know half of the country doesn’t like the man.  But I urge you all (as I am) to be inspired by him.  As many of you know, I have a part-time life in show business.  The rejection I have experienced over the last 20 years is simply devastating.  But… IN NO WAY AS HORRIBLE AS WHAT TRUMP HAD TO ENDURE FOR THESE LAST 18 ODD MONTHS.  Just think of all the times he should have, could have, would have quit.  HE NEVER QUIT.  No matter how bad it got.  HE NEVER QUIT.  ALL THE POLLS WERE WRONG.  THE MEDIA WAS ALL WRONG. ALL OF MY SHOWBIZ FRIENDS WERE WRONG.  EVERYONE WAS WRONG.  And you know that everyone told him to quit.  From day one.  But.  He.  Did.  Not.  Quit.  The little engine that could.  “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”  And he did.  Thanks to Donald Trump, from this day until the day I die (and maybe not even then), I will make every effort to NEVER ever ever Ever EVER ever EVER again doubt myself.  Remember “Never Trump”?  Now in my mind, it’s the answer to a question.  “Quit?”  “Never. -Trump.”


    I know the pain is still there.
     And as Hillary said, that pain will be there for a while.  But I hope that these words I have shared with you show that we Trumpers aren’t so bad.  And neither is he.  Please give him a chance.  Please visit his website and read his policies.  Please remember that it’s not the end of the world… or the country.  If it’s not the result you wanted, get off you ass now and figure out how to win it next time.  And please remember the most important part of all: be inspired by it all.  By those who won, and yes, even those who lost.  There are valuable life (and patriotic) lessons for us all to learn from it all.

    God bless America.

    P.S. – If you’re a Trump supporter, please forward this to those in mourning.
    P.P.S. – I have been awake for over 36 hours straight and I am exhausted.  Gnight America.  Gnight world.

Get Your Priorities Straight: Drunk Driving & Depression Worse Than Guns.

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME, EMT

Get ready, cause things are about to get saucy, replete with facts, citations, and more facts and citations.  You’re gonna be blown away by what you’re about to discover.  And yup, we’re actually gonna be doing some old fashioned math and see if the numbers actually say what the media says they say.  Guess what?  They don’t.

Here are the statistics of American gun deaths in 2015 spouted by the mass media:

That very CNN article quotes a CDC (Center for Disease Control) statistic that states firearm deaths are just a very close second to motor vehicle deaths.  But those statistics are SO misleading.

That includes ALL deaths by firearm, including the justifiable returning of fire by police on a suspect AND such deaths as black on black and gang death–most of which is due to illegal gun sales.  But are you ready for the real kicker?  You’re not gonna believe this (and NO ONE tells you this):

The cause of the majority of gun deaths per year?  

SUICIDES.  More than 64% according to–TA DA–the CDC.

Want the actual CDC stats by state on gun violence on that?   Yeah, I found those too. Here:

Want the actual CDC suicide stats, and particularly by gun?  Voila:

Only 33% of gun deaths each year are due to homicide.  And only 3% due to accident!  Less than 3% are due to accidents.  READ THAT AGAIN: less than 3%.

I now urge you to pay close attention to how many of those deaths each year are from gun-inflicted suicide.  What’s the number I’m seeing?  I’m seeing 41,000 suicide deaths each year.  How many by gun?  21,000!  TWENTY ONE THOUSAND!   Over half the suicides each year in the USA are by gun, and that magic (actually tragic) number is 21,000.

Now wait.  According to the CDC, how many TOTAL gun deaths are there each year?  Just go back to that very same CNN study I mention above at the beginning of this article.  The magic number?  33,636.

Let’s now do some simple math:
Total gun deaths per year MINUS
Total gun suicides each year =
Total accidental deaths or murders by gun each year.

Using the numbers we arrived at above (straight from the CDC), that is:
33,636 – 21,000 = 12,636.

So no we know that each year, 12,636 people die from either accidental discharge or intention murder by gun.  That’s a lot less than the media wants you to know.

But wait, there’s even more to the story.  Go here:

It’s the part of the entire searchable CDC database.  Scroll down and select “Firearm”.  Request the report.  It will show you the yearly number of firearm injuries for the year 2014.  What did you get?  I got this number: 81,034.

But… (see statistics are always misleading if you’re not careful) if you use an additional filter to remove ALL instances of self-harm (i.e. suicide attempts), the number drops to (wait for it) a mind blowingly LOW number.  What’s the number? 3,320.  That’s IT.  The number of yearly non-suicide related gun injuries each year by firearm is just 3,320.  (Note: Even 3,320 is too many, so I say “just” with tragedy written all over it.)

Well, now we finally have some accurate data to work with, all of which we have already calculated above:
a) the number of people who die from accidental discharge OR murder by gun per year in the USA is about 12,636 people
b) the number of non-fatal injuries by gun discharge, not including those caused by suicide is about 3,320 people.

These numbers are a lot less scary now, aren’t they?  Suddenly, you’re not so scared for your children to end up dead because of gun deaths.  Suddenly, you realize that all this talk about how guns are the scourge of the earth and the cause of most of our lack of safety… is debunked.

But guess what folks?  We’re not even close to done.  Now let’s turn our head to drunk driving.

Check out this article in Forbes:

This author cites further statistics that today, in the USA, gun deaths outweigh motor vehicle deaths.  But again, so misleading, because when used properly, a car doesn’t kill someone; when used properly, a gun does kill someone.  That’s what it’s used for.  These statistics also–like most of these stories–leave out the suicides and suicide attempts.  The truth is, most of these motor vehicle deaths are caused not by INTENTIONAL murder attempts, but by sheer negligence caused by people being stupid, driving dangerously, or very very commonly (see below), driving DRUNK.  Remember, above, however that the number of accidental gun deaths each year (according to the CDC) is less than 3%.  Yet the MAJORITY of accidental motor vehicle deaths each year are accidental.  Do you see the difference?

Before I go on, let’s first look at some other statistics, this time from MADD and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “The Economic and Societal Impact Of Motor Vehicle Crashes, 2010.” National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, May 2014, DOT HS 812 013.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “The Economic and Societal Impact Of Motor Vehicle Crashes, 2010.” National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, May 2014, DOT HS 812 013.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Results from the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Summary of National Findings. Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2014.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “Traffic Safety Facts 2014: Alcohol-Impaired Driving.” Washington DC: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2016.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Alcohol-Impaired Driving Among Adults — United States, 2012.” Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. August 7, 2015 / 64(30);814-817.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “Traffic Safety Facts 2014: Alcohol-Impaired Driving.” Washington DC: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2016.

Did you get that last statistic?  In 2014–the same year of the CDC statistics I cited above–there were 12,636 people killed due to accidental discharge OR murder by gun per year in the USA and 3,320 people injured by gun discharge, again excluding suicide attempts butttttt–in that very same year, 9,967 people were killed by drunk drivers and (are you ready) 290,000 were injured by drunk drivers.  TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY THOUSAND PEOPLE PER YEAR.

Let me present this in a nice little comparison chart:

2014 DEATHS BY GUN DISCHARGE (non-suicide): 12,636

2014 INJURIES BY GUN DISCHARGE (non-suicide): 3,320

And yet, everyone is worried about gun violence, the majority of deaths of which are caused by suicide?  (Note: suicide is horrible and I’m going to address that below).

But do you see my point?  There is a far FAR greater likelihood of you or a friend dying from a drunk driving incident or from self-inflicted suicide than from gun violence.  Why?   With drunk driving, the ‘weapons’ are ALL AROUND YOU.  However, you are probably not often in an environment every day that puts you in the presence of someone with a loaded gun (unless you’re in law enforcement or have a gun in the home).  And yet, every week when you drive, the odds are that you are driving on the road with someone who is drinking and driving, or just as bad, texting and driving.  And if you decide to let your depression or that of a friend go unchecked, guess what: there is a higher likelihood of you ending up dead due to that than gun violence.

DON’T YOU REALIZE THIS?  Doesn’t America realize this?

Why is everyone fighting so hard to destroy the second amendment when guns cause SO MANY FEWER INJURIES THAN DRUNK DRIVING?  And why, when the number of deaths by drunk drivers per year is nearly exactly the same as intentional/accidental gun deaths, does the media and it seems everyone on the left decry gun deaths, but say nothing of suicide (which causes most of those gun deaths) or drunk driving (which causes nearly as many non-suicide related deaths as guns)?

Why aren’t we fighting to stop drunk driving?  Why aren’t we putting these people behind bars and keeping them there?  As a public defender, I represented SO MANY drunk drivers.  It disgusted me.  Not so much that they were arrested in the first place for drunk driving, but because they were REPEAT OFFENDERS.  Three, four, five times.  Why are these people even allowed on the streets?  They have fired a loaded weapon (the moving car while under the influence) three, four, five times and yet we keep giving them probation which has no effect.  We keep suspending their license, but most of them don’t care, and decide that driving is their fundamental right, so they drive again, and drunk, and again ended up as my client.  We keep putting them in jail for 1 year, or 2, and they get out and guess what?  Do it again, because they’re still drunks.

Worse: so many of these people arrested for drunk driving… are NOT drunks.  They are ‘normal’ ‘good’ people.  But you know what?   &*(^ that argument.  They are NOT good people.  They are irresponsible people who should never again be able to drive.  If you get arrested (and convicted) even ONCE of drunk driving, you should lose your license for live.  If you are ever again caught driving, life imprisonment.

People balk when I say this, yet, the gun laws (which cause fewer injuries than drunk driving) are more strict than the current drunk driving laws.  Why?  Answer me this: why is someone immediately convicted of a felony (usually with imprisonment for at least three years) for illegally carrying a loaded gun in New York City without even firing it, but if you get pulled over for drunk driving in New York City (essentially firing a loaded weapon) you probably just get probation and at worst a temporary suspension?  ARE THESE LAWMAKERS AND POLITICIANS IDIOTS?  Answer: yes.   On any given day in the United States, you are infinitely more likely to be hit by a drunk driver than you are shot by someone with a gun, and yet, the gun laws are ten times more strict than the drunk driving laws.  Why, why, WHY?!

It all makes me so angry.  If you combine deaths and injuries, there is no dispute that drunk driving is ultimately far more dangerous than guns.

And yet, the fight on the forefront of politics is to destroy the guns and the law abiding gun owners instead of targeting the pieces of s*** who think it’s okay to drive drunk; that it’s okay to drive buzzed.  If you can’t control yourself, DO NOT DRINK AT ALL.  That is called responsible.  But no, let’s not focus on the over 200,000 injuries per year caused by drunk driving.  Let’s instead focus on the guns that cause about 3000 injuries per year.  Let’s focus on the guns that cause about 12,000 deaths per year, but let’s basically ignore the 9,000 deaths caused each year by drunk driving.  What is wrong with everyone?   Are they mad?  No, I think a) they are stupid and simply like to believe what their idiot friend “the media” tells them, b) they are lazy and refuse to do their own research outside of their ‘go to’ sources, and c) they are power hungry and realize that by perpetuating the lies by hiding the truth, they can amass votes from the useful idiots who vote based on heart, not on facts.

As for suicide (I didn’t forget)–why are the anti-gun people not railing against suicide?  Why don’t they even CARE that most of the gun deaths are due to suicide?  Why do most Americans not know this?  Why isn’t THIS plastered across CNN & FOXNews?  Why don’t we know this?  Why?  Because it’s all political.  They don’t care about the facts.  They care about politics.

Me?  I care about the average of 22 fellow service members who kill themselves every day.  Visit for more info.   I assure you: the gun is not the cause of their suicide.  It’s merely the tool, and if not a gun, there are many other ways of making it happen that are just as quick and effective.  Guns don’t cause suicide: DEPRESSION DOES.  And yet, who do you hear in politics railing against depression?  No one, because it’s not political.

Well wake up people and stop being so stupid as to believe everything your idiot friend tells you.  Do some research.  It took me a mere three hours of research to get to the bottom of this controversy, and I’ve proven—beyond a reasonable doubt—that the argument against guns is so misleading.  Do I think gun deaths and injuries are horrible?  Absolutely, without question.  Is it something to focus on?  Of course.  But why focus on the small potato when we could focus on the far bigger one:

If we simply stop drunk driving and stop depression, we will save more lives and reduce injuries exponentially more than if we stop gun sales.  

What I have proven is that guns are not the problem; politics is.

So for all your anti-gun friend: send them the link to this post.  Let them see for themselves the DIVISIVE TRUTH of the matter.


Why Trump Ain’t Hitler.

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME, EMT

Okay, I’m tired of hearing people comparing Trump to Hitler.  Let me put this argument to rest, once and for all.  And for the record, although I’m Christian, my dad is a stingy Jewish WWII vet, I had a ‘sort-of’ Barmitzvah, and I love shopping at B&H in Manhattan for all my filmmaking needs thanks to the entrepreneurial prowess of the local Hasidics who created the go-to destination for filmmakers.  With that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

FIRST:  Let’s start with the silly basics: Hitler was Austrian; Trump is American.  Totally different nationalities.  Bet those calling Trump Hitler didn’t know Hitler was Austrian, did they?  Yup, raised in Vienna too.  And this is basic history about Hitler.  SOURCE:

SECOND:  Hitler wanted to banish all Jews by eliminating them; Trump wants to restrict the immigration of Muslims until they have been vetted to ensure they do not have malicious intentions against our countrymen.  Big difference.  HUGE difference.  While it can be argued that it was not Hitler’s initial intention to actually murder the Jews in the concentration camps, using this argument as a parallel with Trump is flawed.  First, Hitler was irrefutably anti-Jew.  He hated them all and felt they were inferior.  Trump, however is not anti-Muslim and does not feel Muslims are inferior: Trump is merely anti radicalized Muslim, as I am, and as any sane American should be.  There is a big difference between “all Muslims”, and “those Muslims trying to kill us”.  Trump wants to prevent the latter group from killing our families, and that may require some investigation.  Hitler wanted to ensure all Jews were gone.  ALL Jews.  See the difference?  SOURCE:

THIRD:  But Trump said, “DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS!”  Actually, Trump never said any such thing.  Here is the exact transcript from what he said in September of 2015:

A Trump supporter said, “We have a problem in this country, it’s called Muslims. We know our current president is one. You know, he’s not even an American. Birth certificate, man.” At that point, Trump said “Right.”  The man added: “We have training camps … where they want to kill us. That’s my question: When can we get rid of them?

“Trump’s response?


“We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things. You know, a lot of people are saying that, and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. We’re going to look at that and plenty of other things,” Trump responded.

He NEVER said he was going to get rid of the Muslims.  Never.  He merely responded to the multi-part question that preceded it.  Look at the question.  “When can we get rid of them?”  Many news pundits used that word “them” to prove that Trump wants to deport all Muslims.  But look at the statement preceding it: the man asking the question is talking about the training camps, according to Trump’s answer.  When can we get rid of them?  Trump clearly thought the guy talking wanted to know when we could get rid of the training camps, not all the Muslims.  And heck, maybe that’s what the guy asking the questions meant too.

I challenge anyone to find a video of Trump saying, “We’re going to deport all the Muslims.” It was never said.  Case closed.

Need more proof?  As recently as March 2016, major news outlets have been forced to retract their stories stating that Trump stated all Muslims would be deported.  Here’s one from Bloomberg:

Does Trump want to deport a lot of Muslims?  Yes, he does, and rightly so.  Nearly every group attempting to kill us via terrorism in the last ten years has been Muslim.  Ask any apologist to find any other religions conducting terror on the scale of Muslims and they can’t.  Or they cite lame wikipedia articles about The Lord’s Resistance Army trying to show Christian terrorism when even a quick read of the article states that the USA doesn’t even consider this group a terrorist group anymore.  Why?  Think about it.

Bottom line: Trump wanting to deport all the Muslims who are affiliated with terror groups does not make him Hitler; it makes him the only man currently running for president who I trust defending this country.

FOURTH: “But wait!  Trump DOES want to deport all the Mexicans!”, they cry.  “He IS like Hitler!”  Actually, no.  See, I’m a lawyer.  In law school, my job was to analyze and interpret case law so that in court, I could best represent my clients.  As a public defender, I did represent some truly terrible people who most clearly broke the law.  And I defended them, yes.  But you see, I never defended them for what they did.  I never defended their breaking the law.  I merely defended their rights and ensured justice was served in accordance with the laws as they currently stood.  If creatively interpreting the law and arguing the facts in interpretative ways allowed me to get my client a decreased sentence, I did so.  Was that immoral?  No, I was doing my job.

My job as a defense attorney was to exploit the system for my client’s benefit–and that is all within the law.  If the state could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my client did what they claim he did: sorry, not guilty.  That’s the system we have, and I represented my client to the utmost within those parameters, and I promise that you would wish that I would do the same for you if you were accused of a heinous crime as well.

In most cases, though, guess what: my arguments fell on deaf ears.  The facts were the facts and the best I could do was negotiate a plea.  The vast majority of my clients ended up with plea bargains and reduced sentences, but here’s the key: THEY WERE STILL DEEMED GUILTY BY PLEA BARGAIN.  They admitted their guilt, and why?  They were guilty, and the evidence–DNA, prints, video, witnesses–more often than not proved it and they knew that a plea of a lesser conviction would be safer than going to trial and going to prison for years, or worse, decades.

My point: The Mexicans (and Guatemalans, Ecuadorians, etc.) coming over here and staying here illegally… ARE GUILTY.  They have no case whatsoever.  They can’t claim refugee status because South America, while a mess, is not THAT big of a mess.  Unless you can prove that the government is targeting you specifically, or that you in particular are in grave threat of danger, you can’t claim refugee status.  The vast majority are here illegally with no defense whatsoever to stand on.  THEY BROKE THE LAW.  I don’t care if you’re a ‘birther baby’ and your parents are here illegally: sorry, the law is the law, and the law allows those BORN HERE to be citizens; not the parents.  So sorry parents.  It may seem ‘cruel’, but I argue that what’s cruel is this birther law that allows these families to get into this mess in the first place.  Either the entire family becomes citizens (which I don’t support) or no one becomes a citizen (which is a far more rational and logical law).  But hey, the law right now is the law, so I’m sorry: if you came to America to have your baby and you (parents) stay here illegally: shame on you parents!

I will write far more about this illegal immigration situation soon, but for now, we’re just talking about Trump: wanting to deport these illegal immigrants is not racist; it’s being presidential.  That’s the job of the president: to enforce the laws.  Congress makes them.  The Supreme Court interprets them.  The President ensures they are executed.   So until the law changes, Trump would merely be doing what every president since the beginning of this country should have been doing: KICKING OUT THOSE WHO LEGALLY DO NOT BELONG HERE.

I have so many foreign friends who spent years navigating the difficult process of getting a green card and becoming an American… the legal way.  When I moved to Europe, I went (and stayed there) the legal way.  When I moved to China, I went (and stayed there) the legal way.  To me, every illegal is a slap in the face to those who worked their asses off to get here the responsible and honest way.   A friend of mine (who decided no longer to be my friend) lambasted me when I said this to her.  She said, “You are so privileged to grow up in the USA!  You have no idea what it’s like in the rest of the world.”  First, I do, having lived, worked, or traveled in some really rotten places in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.  Second, THAT IS NO EXCUSE!  Just because I’m having trouble paying my rent, that’s not an excuse to break the law and steal.  Just because I’m having a rough time, that’s no excuse to break a perfectly justifiable and good law (immigration law).  Anyone who argues that breaking the law to illegally enter and/or stay in a country has got serious moral problems.  It’s not that I’m lacking compassion, it’s that everyone else lacks common sense.

The best solution to the immigration problem?–I’ll save that for later, but let it be clear that Donald Trump is not racist simply because he wants to enforce an extremely logical immigration law designed to keep us safe and ensure jobs for those here legally.

FIFTH: “Yeah, but Trump hates women,” they cry, so he’s like Hitler.  “He hates so much!”  How so?  Because he criticizes Rosie O’Donnell?  Because he hates Hillary Clinton?  Because he believes a baby inside a woman’s body is a person?  Because he believes that Hillary Clinton should have disavowed her husband after the way he treated her?

Try as you may, sorry, none of these action or statements make him a woman hater.  Trump has raised some truly well behaved and polite children.  Have you ever heard of Ivanka or Tiffany bad mouthing him?  Why would that amazing woman Melania marry him if he’s such a jerk?  Why haven’t his ex-wives come out saying horrible things about him?  Answer: he’s not anti-woman.

“Yeah, but he went on all these dates with women when he was younger!”  All I can say is, so?  Is going on dates with many woman a clear indication that he hates woman?  Um, to me, seems like he likes women. ;D

LOOK: I can go on and on.  Trump is not Hitler, and to even suggest such is an insult to the millions of Jews who died in concentration camps all around Europe.  Trump is not Hitler, and even if he were, our amazing country would prevent anything like that ever happening again.  God bless our Founding Fathers and the separation of powers: there is virtually no way to imagine how Trump could in any way institute anything on the scale and horror of what Hitler did, even if he wanted to (and he doesn’t).  Congress would never in a million years approve any such crazy measure of mass executions.

So rest assured, Trump is not Hitler, and his presidency would not be the 4th Reich.  Keine Sorge, Mein Freund, Keine Sorge.  😀

Welcome to the Truth. The Divisive Truth.

My name is Monroe Mann and I used to have a Facebook Account.

Used to?

Yeah, I deleted it–and all of my 3000 ‘friends’ (who were not really my friends anyway)–irrevocably.  I didn’t deactivate: I DELETED IT.  It’s gone.


Well, I used to live in China.  As much as I love China, and 虽然我觉得中国真是非常棒,I moved back home in 2015 because I was tired of the pollution, and also the political censorship, in Shanghai (and in the rest of the country).  Those weren’t the only two reasons, but they were in the top five.

Well, I returned home to the USA only to discover that Facebook is doing… the exact same thing.  Sure, it’s a private company, but given its size and breadth now as a virtual nation-state, it has a responsibility to be a bit more than a ‘private company’.

Twice in the last six months, Facebook censored what I wrote, removed the post, removed all the comments, removed all the likes, and then went so far as to block me from posting for 24 hours, and prohibit me from even using the messaging feature to write and reply to those with whom I had already been in contact.  Real cool Facebook: removing a post is one thing.  Gagging me from speaking further is just preposterous.

The first time it happened, I coughed it up to a one time occurrence.  When it happened again last week, I realized I did not want the benefit of their stupid service if it meant having to watch what I have to stay.

What did I write?

Here’s the post: “Poor Brussels.  Again.  Sorry people: this is why the world is really getting pissed off at Muslims.  Trump is right: Muslims and mosques need to be watched.  The Muslim world needs to start taking responsibility.  And yes, we need to destroy the families of ISIS–including their wives and children, because they are ALL involved.  I’m not racist: I’m being realistic.  And I am very very angry.”

It’s honestly nothing whatsoever for anyone to get upset about.  The truth is: ISIS absolutely undeniably is training women and children to kill Westerners–haven’t seen the videos, have you?  When I was serving in Iraq with the US Army, women and children were trying to kill us there too.

Look, I’m sorry that it’s offensive to some, but it shouldn’t be. Why?  Because it’s simply… the truth.  The divisive truth, yes, but that’s not because what I wrote was factually incorrect; it’s divisive simply because it was politically incorrect.

The world needs to wake up about a lot of things, and most pressingly these days, the threat from radical Islam.   In a future post, I (and I hope other writers who want to jump aboard) am going to start going even deeper, helping to show you that it’s not ‘radical Islam’ that’s the problem, but rather, Islam itself.  Again, politically incorrect, but only because it’s the… divisive truth.  If you don’t yet believe me, just keep returning to this blog and you’ll soon learn why even Winston Churchill was extremely wary of the religion.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like Muslims.  On the contrary, I have many friends of that religion, and many who are still in fact living in Iraq with whom I worked while training the Iraqi Army.  What I’m writing here is not a blanket statement meant to persecute all Muslims.  That’s the furthest thing from what I’m saying.

So what am I saying?

I’m saying that we need to destroy ISIS and any other Islamic group that is plotting to kill us.  Men.  Women.  Children.  This is war, and they are ALL combatants.  And unless we act first and destroy them–just as we did the Nazis, and just as we did in Japan with the H-bomb–they are going to destroy us.

I constantly hear peacenicks chatting away, “We can’t solve violence with violence!”  These people clearly have either historical amnesia, factual denial, or are just unwittingly ignorant, because throughout history, when dealing with psychopaths, the only way to stop them precisely IS violence.

If we didn’t use violence, all of Asia would be speaking Japanese right now, and all of the Western world would be speaking German.  Enough said.

This online journal is absolutely conservative.  In it, I will help to debunk the myth of global warming, peaceful Islam, the virtues of high taxes, abortion, and the list goes on.  Why?  Because I’m absolutely sick of the liberal media.  If you can’t change them… compete with them.  And so here we are.

Thanks for reading.  Check back often.  And please tell your friends about this website:

And let’s hope WordPress is a little bit more ‘Free Speech’ than Facebook. 🙂

–Monroe Mann