Welcome to the Truth. The Divisive Truth.

My name is Monroe Mann and I used to have a Facebook Account.

Used to?

Yeah, I deleted it–and all of my 3000 ‘friends’ (who were not really my friends anyway)–irrevocably.  I didn’t deactivate: I DELETED IT.  It’s gone.


Well, I used to live in China.  As much as I love China, and 虽然我觉得中国真是非常棒,I moved back home in 2015 because I was tired of the pollution, and also the political censorship, in Shanghai (and in the rest of the country).  Those weren’t the only two reasons, but they were in the top five.

Well, I returned home to the USA only to discover that Facebook is doing… the exact same thing.  Sure, it’s a private company, but given its size and breadth now as a virtual nation-state, it has a responsibility to be a bit more than a ‘private company’.

Twice in the last six months, Facebook censored what I wrote, removed the post, removed all the comments, removed all the likes, and then went so far as to block me from posting for 24 hours, and prohibit me from even using the messaging feature to write and reply to those with whom I had already been in contact.  Real cool Facebook: removing a post is one thing.  Gagging me from speaking further is just preposterous.

The first time it happened, I coughed it up to a one time occurrence.  When it happened again last week, I realized I did not want the benefit of their stupid service if it meant having to watch what I have to stay.

What did I write?

Here’s the post: “Poor Brussels.  Again.  Sorry people: this is why the world is really getting pissed off at Muslims.  Trump is right: Muslims and mosques need to be watched.  The Muslim world needs to start taking responsibility.  And yes, we need to destroy the families of ISIS–including their wives and children, because they are ALL involved.  I’m not racist: I’m being realistic.  And I am very very angry.”

It’s honestly nothing whatsoever for anyone to get upset about.  The truth is: ISIS absolutely undeniably is training women and children to kill Westerners–haven’t seen the videos, have you?  When I was serving in Iraq with the US Army, women and children were trying to kill us there too.

Look, I’m sorry that it’s offensive to some, but it shouldn’t be. Why?  Because it’s simply… the truth.  The divisive truth, yes, but that’s not because what I wrote was factually incorrect; it’s divisive simply because it was politically incorrect.

The world needs to wake up about a lot of things, and most pressingly these days, the threat from radical Islam.   In a future post, I (and I hope other writers who want to jump aboard) am going to start going even deeper, helping to show you that it’s not ‘radical Islam’ that’s the problem, but rather, Islam itself.  Again, politically incorrect, but only because it’s the… divisive truth.  If you don’t yet believe me, just keep returning to this blog and you’ll soon learn why even Winston Churchill was extremely wary of the religion.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like Muslims.  On the contrary, I have many friends of that religion, and many who are still in fact living in Iraq with whom I worked while training the Iraqi Army.  What I’m writing here is not a blanket statement meant to persecute all Muslims.  That’s the furthest thing from what I’m saying.

So what am I saying?

I’m saying that we need to destroy ISIS and any other Islamic group that is plotting to kill us.  Men.  Women.  Children.  This is war, and they are ALL combatants.  And unless we act first and destroy them–just as we did the Nazis, and just as we did in Japan with the H-bomb–they are going to destroy us.

I constantly hear peacenicks chatting away, “We can’t solve violence with violence!”  These people clearly have either historical amnesia, factual denial, or are just unwittingly ignorant, because throughout history, when dealing with psychopaths, the only way to stop them precisely IS violence.

If we didn’t use violence, all of Asia would be speaking Japanese right now, and all of the Western world would be speaking German.  Enough said.

This online journal is absolutely conservative.  In it, I will help to debunk the myth of global warming, peaceful Islam, the virtues of high taxes, abortion, and the list goes on.  Why?  Because I’m absolutely sick of the liberal media.  If you can’t change them… compete with them.  And so here we are.

Thanks for reading.  Check back often.  And please tell your friends about this website: http://www.DivisiveTruth.com.

And let’s hope WordPress is a little bit more ‘Free Speech’ than Facebook. 🙂

–Monroe Mann